The skin of the feet and healthy nails should be looked after with the same care as for the rest of the body. Remember to subject them to appropriate treatments that will keep them in perfect condition.

The original rituals of the Enklawa Institute are a unique offer that has been created in such a way that the improvement of appearance is associated with moments of deep relaxation and pleasure. The Pedicure de Lux Spa treatment is a 100% refined ritual for perfectly manicured feet.

The room where the de Lux foot care treatment takes place is equipped with an exceptionally comfortable massage chair, which performs an incredibly relaxing back massage.

A complete Pedicure de Lux Spa treatment topped with a massage with aromatic oils by candlelight and calming music is a triple dose of pleasure and relaxation.

Brief description of the procedure

The luxurious Pedicure de Lux Spa treatment ritual begins with an aromatic foot bath combined with hydro massage. After a moment of relaxation, the excess keratinized epidermis is removed using a high-class milling machine. Then the nails are shortened and processed, with additional polishing of the nail plate and removal of the cuticles. The next stage of the ritual is granular peeling, which perfectly stimulates blood circulation and softens and smoothes the epidermis. Pedicure de Lux Spa ends with a relaxing foot massage with a nourishing mask and oils.

During the pedicure ritual, we use products from renowned brands: OPI, Rituals, Dermalogica. All preparations are dermatologically tested and have the necessary approvals. They are distinguished by high quality and remarkable effectiveness.


unsightly appearance of the feet and nails,

uneven nail plates,

dry, rough skin on the feet,

thickenings and calluses on the sole of the feet,

a desire to relax and unwind,

Feeling heavy, tired and sore,

swelling and poor blood supply to the feet, cold stop.


excellent quality of the treatment,

the best quality care cosmetics,

combination of a pedicure treatment with amazing relaxation and rest.


smooth, well-groomed skin,

beautifully shaped nails,

the effect of light and rested feet,

excellent well-being.

Contraindications – absolute

mycoses and yeasts of the skin and nails,

purulent and infectious conditions,

allergic conditions and allergies to any of the preparations used during the treatment,

viral diseases


Cennik Pedicure de Lux SPA

Pedicure de Lux SPA Cena
Pedicure OPI lakier deLux Spa 170 zł
Pedicure Opi SoakOff deLux Spa 200 zł
Pedicure hybrydowy deLux Spa 180 zł
Dodatkowo z masażem stóp (20 min) +35 zł
Pedicure podologiczny 160 zł - 200 zł
Żelowa rekonstrukcja paznokcia 20 zł

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